Wide Area Workflow Support (WAWF)WAWF is now part of iRAPT


Protopak Engineering has the resources and expertise to assist and support your company in the area of Wide Area Workflow.



1 - Improves cash flow management.
2 - Eliminate lost documents.
3 - Reduces operating costs.
4 - Global accessibility of documents.
5 - Audit capability.
6 - FREE, web based system.
7 - Online access and full view of document status.
8 - Minimized re-keying and improving data accuracy.
9 - Eliminating unmatched disbursements and making all documentation required for payment easily accessible


Support includes:

  • Registration Help
  • Invoicing
  • Receiving Reports
  • Training


For additional information, give us a call at (847) 979-1009.

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