Small businesses are growing and expanding at record levels but many struggle with the results of this growth. According to Juanita Duggan, president and CEO of the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), “Finding qualified workers now exceeds taxes and regulations as the top concern for small businesses.”

What can you do as a small business owner to attract and retain qualified talent? Clearly identify and consistently communicate your company’s vision to potential and current employees.


How does communicating your company’s vision help to attract and retain employees? A company’s vision serves as a road map for the direction in which the company wants to go. When employees see how their responsibilities and projects contribute to achieving the company’s vision, they become engaged. They have ownership in the success of the company.

Engagement means they feel a connection and commitment to your company. This strong attachment to the company makes the employees feel responsible for carrying out the company’s vision. They are less likely to leave for superficial reasons because they know they are connected to something bigger than themselves and what they do makes a difference.

In turn, engaged employees serve as advocates for your company’s brand. Their enthusiasm attracts candidates who understand your company and vision.

One effective way to consistently communicate your company’s vision to employees is through a branded, interactive on-boarding program. Use your on-boarding program to communicate your company’s vision, mission and values to new employees. This helps them to make the connection between their job and your company’s vision immediately.


Here are four take aways.

  1. Clearly identify and articulate your vision to employees.
  2. Help employees see how their responsibilities contribute to accomplishing your company’s vision.
  3. Encourage employees to become brand advocates.
  4. Use a formal on-boarding program to communicate your company’s vision to new employees.

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