In June of this year, I entered the TrainingPros Microlearning competition. TrainingPros is a staffing company that supports the learning and development industry and provides talent like instructional designers, eLearning developers, facilitators and project managers to many organizations nationwide. This year TrainingPros created a competition for the best microlearning module submission in three categories: Grand Prize Winner, Technical Winner and Creative Winner.


My goal for entering the contest was to get practice in creating a microlearning solution. The experience was rewarding in three ways. First, I won the Creative portion of the contest, which I did not expect. Second, I learned how to adjust an instructional design method to fit the three-minute length requirement for the competition. Third, I got to explore the creative aspects of using voice-over narration, instrumental music and a fun, jeopardy-like interaction.


The module’s target audience was airline reservation agents who interact with parents and guardians of unaccompanied minors (children under the age of 18) traveling on airlines without an adult. I developed the module in Adobe Captivate 9 using high-quality graphics, text and audio components.

I organized the module using a modified version of Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction. I used an interesting, real-life news story to gain the learners’ attention, direct their focus to the topic and provide an explanation of the importance of the topic. The fun part of this module was a jeopardy-like practice question that is linked to the course objective and includes a jeopardy-like instrumental music piece. I had so much fun creating this project; I plan to incorporate more microlearning into future learning solutions, when appropriate.

If I had to create this module again, I would change two things:

  1. I would include an activity that stimulates recall of prior learning by asking a question to help learners’ reflect on previous experience.
  2. When presenting the new story, I would replace the static image with a short animation clip created in GoAnimate. This would add more interest and engagement.

Check out Teresa Davenport’s article about the competition.

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