One of my biggest regrets in graduate school was not attending DevLearn 2015 when offered the opportunity by Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania’s Instructional Technology program. DevLearn is one of the premier eLearning conferences and expos. Now I’ve been in the industry for four years and I still have not attended a professional conference. So my 2019 new year’s resolution is to attend at least one conference.

I asked members of the group Instructional Design Project Peer Review (IDPPR) — a Facebook Group for instructional design professionals — and scoured the Internet for ideas on upcoming 2019 conferences and expos in the U.S.

Here’s what I came up with.

1. ATD TechKnowledge Conference

February 6-8  | West Palm Beach, FL

I really like this conference because, Dr. Karl Kapp, one of my graduate school professors, and Melissa Milloway, a fellow Bloomsburg University alum, will speak at the conference. Dr. Kapp is an expert on gamification and Melissa is an expert in the eLearning industry.

2. 4th Annual Adobe eLearning Conference

March 13| Washington, DC

Members in my IDPPR group gave this conference lots of positive feedback. A few members raved about the one-day Adobe Captivate Specialist Certificate Program. This is the fourth year of the Adobe eLearning Conference. It is known for gaining eLearning updates and insights, connecting with other Adobe practitioners and growing your professional network.

3. Learning Solutions 2019 Conference & Expo

March 26-28 | Orlando, FL

This conference offers 175 sessions that target topics like games, gamification, instructional design and virtual classrooms. There are also workshops where you learn skills to apply in your professional life.

4. 2019 Realities360 Conference & Expo

June 25-27 | San Jose, CA

This is an exciting conference because attendees can explore immersive technologies, like AR and VR, in a hands-on environment.

5. DevLearn 2019 Conference & Expo

October 23-25 | Las Vegas, NV

This is my favorite conference because it’s a place where industry professionals, in any role, gather to develop and hone learning and technology skills. It offers ideas, strategies and best practices for professional success.

If I am able to attend one of these conferences or a different conference, I will write a follow-up blog about my experience.


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