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As an instructional designer, I am passionate about learning and keeping up-to-date with the latest industry trends. In order to do this, I stay connected with industry professionals in several groups and try to participate in professional conferences.

Here is a list of ten groups and conferences to stay current.

Industry Groups

  1. Association of Talent Development : Offers community and resources for eLearning Professionals.
  2. eLearning Guild : Offers community and resources for eLearning Professionals.

Industry Conferences

  1. Learning Solutions Conferences & Expo 2019  : This conference takes place in Orlando, Florida March 25 through 28, 2019. The target audience for the sessions includes instructional designers, developers, managers, and executives in corporate, government, and academic settings who are actively focused on the tools, technologies, strategies, and techniques that can be put to work for learning. The program supports the entire learning team, so regardless of your specific role, you’ll find practical solutions and approaches you can use immediately to solve your learning and performance support challenges.
  2. ATD 2019 International Conferences & Exposition : This conference is put on by the Association for Talent Development in Washington, DC from May 19 to May 22, 2019. Oprah Winfrey is the keynote speaker. Attendees gain insights into the latest trends, best practices, and new solutions for designing, delivering, implementing, and measuring learning programs. ATD 2019 brings the talent development industry to life by gathering together the game changers, the individuals who are shaping the industry; the legends, those who defined best practices; and the practitioners, you—the lifeblood of this profession!
  3. DevLearn 2019 Conference & Expo : This conference takes places in Las Vegas, Nevada from October 24 to 26, 2019. This is one of the industries most exciting conferences and features top eLearning tools, technologies, companies and services built to serve your organization and shape the future of learning.

Facebook Groups

  1. Instructional Design Project Peer Review Group : This group is for instructional design professionals who would like a support space to exchange feedback on learning projects.
  2. Instructional Designers in Education : The group’s description reads, “This group is for people working in instructional design and/or educational technology in education.”
  3. Instructional Designer : The group’s description reads, “This ID group is for sharing and exploring ideas about instructional systems, design, and technology.”
  4. Adobe Captivate Users Group : This is a group where you can exchange ideas and get help from fellow Adobe Captivate users.
  5. Designers for Learning : The group’s description reads, “A group to talk about designing better learning. Lots of instructional design geekiness.”

Please share any resources you find helpful.


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