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OVERVIEW: This 60-minute instructor-facilitated lesson was created as an open source educational opportunity for organizations that provide general education development (GED) to help adult learners prepare to take the GED exam. The lesson helps learners improve their communication skills by constructing an argument in favor of a raise.

METHODOLOGY: The instructional design approach of this lesson is the WIPPEA (warm-up, introduction, presentation, guided practice, evaluation and application) lesson plan/activity model and is similar to Merrill’s First Principles of Instruction. Bloom’s Taxonomy was used to write the objective statements.

ACTIVITIES: This lesson includes six activities:

  1. Warm-Up: Reflective-question activity that activates prior learning
  2. Introduction: Recall-prior-experience activity that creates interest for the new topic
  3. Presentation: Five-part group activity that presents the topic (role-play story, brainstorm, discussion, script-writing and presentation)
  4. Guided Practice: Presentation with rubric that allows learners’ to practice the new skill and includes peer-to-peer feedback
  5. Evaluation: Evaluation presentation with rubric used to assess learners
  6. Application: Reflection-prompt activity that allows learners to apply the new information

MATERIALS: This lesson includes an instructor lesson plan, student workbook, gift certificate prop, presentation rubric, evaluation rubric, infographic/job aid and supplementary resources.


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