OVERVIEW: This three-minute microlearning module was developed specifically for and submitted to the TrainingPros Microlearning Competition in June 2018. This module won the Creative Award for the competition. The module presents new airline reservation agents with information they can provide to parents/guardians regarding minors traveling alone on airlines.

METHODOLOGY: Due to a three-minute time constraint, Rema used a modified version of Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction including one clear, measurable objective (Bloom’s Taxonomy: Comprehension). She applied seven of the nine events; she did not present the learner with guidance/examples or post-assessment items but did present learners with a practice question and feedback.

INTERACTIVITY: The module includes music (introduction, closing and jeopardy-type instrumentals), narration and one jeopardy-like assessment question.

TOOLS: Rema developed the module using Adobe Captivate 2017. She recorded the narration using Audacity and incorporated Royalty free instrumental music.