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OVERVIEW: This five-minute, microlearning module was developed in Captivate 2017 for the Articulate eLearning Weekly Challenge. The module shows learners how to perform a simple, five-step yoga pose: Vasisthasana (Side Plank). The script is written in an expository writing style because the goal is to impart procedural knowledge (inform).

METHODOLOGY: The writing tone is formal and technical; and the content is presented from a second-person perspective, so that the target audience — first-time yogis with very basic knowledge of yoga poses — can easily grasp the steps of the pose.

INTERACTIVITY: To help learners understand the content, there is an interactive glossary that defines unfamiliar yoga terminology. Rema created the interactive glossary from scratch using advanced actions and variables.

TOOLS: Rema developed the module using Adobe Captivate 2017. The images were from