OVERVIEW: This branching-scenario module trains people managers how to successfully work through difficult situations with their employees. Learners have the opportunity to select different paths in an effort to de-escalate a difficult employee situation.

Methodology: Ruth Colvin Clark’s scenario-based e-Learning ID model was used to structure the course. The 3-C model, which includes a challenge, three choices and three consequences, works well in this situation for two reasons:

  • Available time: a branching scenario takes more time to design and develop than a linear course because of its complexity; the available time/resources for this project allowed this model as an option
  • Real-world context: this model allows a safe environment for learners to practice sensitive situations that would have serious consequences if completed in real-life

Interactivity: The module includes voice-over narration, text and image components.

Tools: Rema developed the module in  Adobe Captivate 2017 including the voice-over narration.



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