Pinebrook Family Answers is a nonprofit agency that provides social service solutions (family community support, behavioral health, adoption and placement, and forensic) to the community. They have 3 locations in Pennsylvania and approximately 200 employees.

The agency must deliver a mandated, driver training course to new employees who transport clients. The current training was an outdated, passive 30-minute video that they did not own. Currently, they play the video towards the end of the new-hire orientation program along with a short quiz.


  • The agency wants to update the training, make it more engaging and reduce the new-hire orientation training program time.
  • The agency wants a flexible, mobile way to deliver training to new drivers.
  • The agency wants a cost effective solution to deliver this training without incurring additional infrastructure expenses.


  1. Collaborated with the vice president of human resources (HR) and the HR professional to identify the training goals, learner needs, and technology resources and constraints.
  2. Developed a project plan outlining the course objectives, learning strategies and deliverables using proven instructional design methods and adult learning theories.
  3. Developed a prototype in Adobe Captivate 9 for review and revision.
  4. Once approved, developed the full course in Adobe Captivate 9.
  5. Tested the course on the MoodleCloud platform.


A 30-minute, asynchronous web-based training that the learner can access on any device and at any time where there is access to the Internet. The course starts with a short, emotional video to capture the learner’s attention. It also includes relevant, text/audio news stories and reflective quiz questions. Learners access the course using the agency’s current content management platform.