OVERVIEW: This 30-minute, story-based module (created in Adobe Captivate) educates women about a specific public health problem, so that they can make informed decisions regarding their health.

Methodology: This module takes a story-based approach to learning that combines a linear story with three optional endings.

Interactivity: The module immerses learners in an emotionally charged scenario, which takes place in a doctor’s office. The story begins with the least optimal outcome and gives learners the opportunity to change that outcome by selecting one of three paths. This module incorporates images, text, audio and voice-over narration components. It consists of the following interactive activities:

  • An interactive form that simulates a doctor’s office intake form
  • A reflective exercise that asks learners to think deeply about the emotions they experience after going through the scenario in the doctor’s office
  • Four multiple-choice assessment questions each linked to a course objective

Tools: The module was created in Adobe Captivate.