(WBT) People Management

Case Study: Difficult Conversation e-Learning Module


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Organization A wants their people managers to direct more employees to their employee assistance program (EAP) when personal problems adversely affect an employee’s job performance. A training needs analysis reveals the people managers do not refer employees to the EAP because they lack the skills necessary to recognize the need to refer employees to the program.

Organization A has four small offices in Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, and Seattle; therefore, bringing learners together for a face-to-face instructor-led training would be costly. The organization has a learning management system (LMS) that delivers eLearning modules to employees via a mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer. Since EAP is a touchy topic, it is important that learners have an opportunity to practice the skills in a real-world environment that allows them to make and learn from their mistakes.

Model Solution Deliverable Tool
Branching scenario
  • 45-minute self-paced, online course
  • Accessible via Internet
  • Delivered on MoodleCloud LMS
Scorm-compliant e-Learning module Adobe Captivate

Learning Activity: The course presents the manager with a scenario of an employee who displays serious job performance problems. The manager makes decisions and moves along a path that shows the manager consequences of different choices. The course helps the manager develop the skills to recognize an employee who may be recommended to the EAP program.